Panel #1 – November 4th, 2022 – Kick-off session

On November 4th, 2022, the newly formed PapuaLNG Independent Advisory Panel, accompanied by six TotalEnergies representatives, visited the Port Moresby Nature Park for a brief introduction to the Gulf Province’s biodiversity.

This occasion marks an important step forward for the PapuaLNG project, as this Panel will play a significant role in providing advice and recommendations to PapuaLNG in achieving its ambition for the Project and related biodiversity and human development contribution.

During the visit, Jane Mogina, PhD in Biodiversity explains the different types of birds, animals, plants, and trees in Papua New Guinea and in the Gulf Province as well as the partnership in place with Nature Park. She also presented how the Company is conducting inventories of the fauna and flora in the Project area and therefore increasing the biodiversity knowledge, recording critical species to install nurseries for their preservation.

See below their feedbacks

“How TotalEnergies do settle a model that can be used to ensure that it benefits to the future generation?”

“How to match local expectations. Developers work with assumptions regarding communities, but the communal spirit does not exist. The principle that applies is the permanent re-adaptation to a changing environment.”

“To achieve a net biodiversity gain and be able to quantify it, the monitoring is key and shall start one or two years ahead of the beginning of the construction phase.”

“We should help the community realize what the Project will bring, not only for them, individually, but also for the common good of everyone.”

“Expect the Company to align the Project with global good practices and bring the country at that level. The Panel can discuss what it can bring to the Project, like identifying potential threats on the mid to long-term of the Project. Details surveys are important, as demonstrating net positive impact is quite a challenge.”

“The points raised by the Panelists during the meeting are highly appreciated. It is quite energizing to read their input. We are very conscious of the challenges of the Project, technically and commercially as well. We expect the Panelists to tell us if we are out of track. We require the Panelists to tell us, when necessary and what is not working in the right direction. The discussions are very promising, and I am convinced that this new way of working, with better dialogue, can help the Company to do better than the standards. I encourage the Panelists to speak frankly about the Project.” Julien Pouget

“Thanks to the Panelists for their time and expertise. TotalEnergies come with a lot of humility and want to learn from them. We want to create shared values, and it can take different forms. We will remain vigilant, and we will take benefit from the suggestions made by the Panelists. It is the beginning of a very interesting journey.” Carole Le Gall

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