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Our biodiversity approach

To minimize our impact in a sustainable way and achieve a “Biodiversity Net Gain”, Papua LNG has developed a Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services (BES) Policy to guide the development of the project and protect the Biodiversity and Ecosystems Service values of the projects area.

Identifying the biodiversity values of the Upstream area is formed through surveys conducted over the past 20 years. Communities rely on their environment to eat, drink, construct their houses and their means of transportation. They also have a strong spiritual relationship to their land and their ancestors.

The BES action plan will address the requirements of the International Finance Corporation Performance Standard 6 (IFC PS 6) on Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources, which includes Natural Habitat, Critical Habitat, Invasive Species and Protected Areas.

The overall objective of the Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services Strategy is to achieve Biodiversity Net Gain. A commonly adopted mitigation hierarchy: avoid, minimize, restore, and offset, is used to reach our biodiversity goal. Our strategy and actions are defined with the support of local NGOs, communities and authorities before final validation. Partners, contractors, and suppliers will be held to the high standards of TotalEnergies, to ensure the successful delivery of a world-class Project.

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