Papua LNG

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The Papua LNG project integrates Sustainability as one of its main pillars. This is already illustrated by the innovative solution to reinject CO2 from the producing wells from day one. In terms of biodiversity, the Project will seek to enhance the area and commits to be positive biodiversity net gain.

The Project is a direct response to the growing need for energy in the Asia Market, which will not only contribute greatly to the economic growth of Papua New Guinea, focusing on people development but a landmark project, in terms of sustainability, carbon footprint optimisation and biodiversity consideration.

The Papua LNG project will ensure that a skilled local workforce, is established and is expected to offer over 3,000 positions to nationals over the lifespan of the Project.   

The Papua LNG project will be an exemplary project in its deployment, paying particular attention to the environment and biodiversity, while respecting the rights of the local communities. 

Kboe / day

10 B$US

End 2027- Early 2028
Start of production
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About Papua LNG

Papua LNG is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) production project led by TotalEnergies in response to Papua New Guinea’s desire to develop its gas resources.  

Gas resources in PNG have been estimated at over 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent. The Project will have a projected LNG export volume of 5.6 million tonnes per year (Mt/y).   

Cameraman filming a native women in the middle of the forest - Papua LNG project