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Our objective is to proactively achieve Papua LNG as a flagship project for the Oil & Gas Industry in terms of carbon footprint reduction, biodiversity, engineering excellence and human development.


The Papua LNG project is driven by the need for energy that is reliable, affordable, and accessible to as many people as possible, and this energy can be produced while fostering socio-economic development and preserving the environment for present and future generations. Being fully aware that some of the Papua LNG project activities will be carried out in a sensitive area, from a social, environmental and biodiversity perspective, our approach is to define and co-create a solution that brings a new source of energy, with a net gain for Papua New Guinea.

To effectively run operations, transparency will be at the core. Papua LNG project’s commitment is to produce natural gas, the lowest carbon fossil fuel, with a very high focus on protecting land, wildlife, local inhabitants, and their livelihoods, as well as expanding knowledge of Papua New Guinea’s biodiversity and its preservation.

The Papua LNG project aims to promote economic development and industrialization in the Oil & Gas sector, by developing a competitive National Content program which would contribute to the Project’s needs and performance. Papua LNG aims to be a recognized and trusted partner that will support Papua New Guinea and contribute to the development of a diversified and sustainable economy for the country and its people


By operating in environments that can often prove complex, our values provide the foundation on which we can build our collective ambition to be a world-class player in the energy transition, with sustainable development at the heart of our strategy, project, and operations.

Our Code of Conduct states 5 Core values: Safety, Respect for Each Other, Pioneer Spirit, Stand Together and Performance-Minded.

Safety and Respect for each other, are the highest pillars of our shared principles. They clearly inform our responsible business model shaped by respect for laws and human rights, rejection of fraud and corruption in any form, exemplary management of natural resources and environmental impacts and transparency in stakeholder engagement.

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