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Members of the independant advisory panel

TotalEnergies set up an Independent Advisory Panel as a key initiative of the Papua LNG project, to bring this Project the best in terms of biodiversity, environment protection, and human development.

Panelists gathered around the table, Airways hotel, Port Moresby
Panelists gathered at a round table, Airways hotel, Port Moresby

The Papua LNG project is fully committed to considering expectations from the communities and other stakeholders, to co-build this Project with its partners and adjust the Project where necessary, to bring positive contributions to the country and people of Papua New Guinea.

To deliver on this commitment, the Independent Advisory Panel was launched in early November 2022 and is made up of highly respected individuals recognised for their long-standing positive contributions to the environment, biodiversity, human development and community.

The Panelists

Honorary Member


The Panel meets periodically to advise and support Papua LNG to push the limits and move forward in a better and more sustainable way. Transparency is at the core and, as a matter of utmost importance, we are committed to publishing the recommendations issued by the Panel, providing answers. You can find them here below.

Recommendations from Panelists
Independent Advisory Panel Charter
Signatures by the Panelists

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